11 Must-Haves Every Young Adult  Should Have In Their Home

What’s in your home?

There are certain items every adult has, and every person transitioning into an adult should also have, in their home. Whether you’re living in a tiny shoebox apartment, or a two-bedroom condo, here are all the must-haves you should have in your home: 

A Good Mattress

I know you’re just starting off and spending a ton of money on a mattress might not sound like a good idea. Trust me when I say, it’s 100% necessary. The older you get and the more responsibilities you take on, the harder it is to get a good night’s rest. Imagine that? Where you lay your head down at night matters. If you’re still sleeping on the mattress you had when you were 10-years-old, it’s time to upgrade!

An Egg Separator

Separating eggs isn’t easy, and there’s honestly no reason to have to do it yourself. Thanks to Egg Separators, you can easily crack an egg without worrying about the shells. Just make sure your separator is large enough to actually fit across the bowl or a measuring cup, so you can actually use it without having to hold the separator while breaking the egg.

A First Aid Kit

Accidents happen all the time. If you don’t think your home should have a first aid kit, you’re a little too confident in your ability to never accidentally hurt yourself. It’s going to happen. So, be prepared. Have a kit with different-sized bandaids, gloves, cleansing wipes, and maybe even aspirin. That way, you’ll be completely prepared if something does happen!

Storage Containers

Storage containers are very useful. You can place some in your kitchen to store leftover food or you can create a built-in wall unit in your living room. It’s completely up to you where and how you want your storage to exist. Just make sure it’s in a place you’ll actually use for storage! Sure, a cabinet can look chic in your dining room but if the cabinet is completely empty — what’s the point?

A Functioning Closet

What I mean is, your closet shouldn’t just be filled with just work clothes or just party clothes. You should have a good balance of everything. Clothes you can wear to work, clothes you can wear to hang out with friends, loungewear, workout attire, etc. As you transition into adulthood, you’re going to want clothes for every occasion in your life. And those clothes shouldn’t all be cheap. Invest your money in items you wear all the time — jeans, shorts, blouses, etc. So that the clothes will look good on and last for years.

Server Ware

You might be fine buying paper plates, but your guests might not want to eat dinner from a paper plate. I’m not saying you have to buy the best bowls, plates, and silverware on the market. Don’t break the bank. Just make sure you have these necessities. And make sure they match! You’re a little too old now to have random colored, and patterned, plates in your kitchen.

Affordable Art

You’d be surprised by how inexpensive art can be. Paintings, light fixtures, and wall decor don’t have to cost thousands. As long as you’re savvy about where you’re shopping, you’ll be able to find great deals for cheap. Good Will, Home Goods, Amazon, and Target all have home decor selections that you should explore. The trick is to not buy everything all at once — space our your purchases.

A Scent

And I’m not talking about the smell of your trash! Every home should have a scent. Whether that’s from lighting a candle, spraying Febreeze, or using a plug-in. There needs to be a smell and preferably one that you create yourself. There’s no better feeling than people walking into your space and saying, “Wow, it smells really good in here.”

A Good Set Of Knives

Odds are, you probably own knives. Everyone does. But do you own a good set of knives? New knives? Knives that actually stay sharp long-term? If you purchased the cheapest set of knife kit, you probably don’t have very good knives. Go ahead and fix that. Save your money and go out and buy a bread knife, steak knife, chef’s knife, etc. that will actually last you a few years.

Powerful Lighting 

Not everyone is a fan of light. Personally, I’m not. Especially when it’s not natural light. However, sitting in the dark can be a little sad. Which is why it’s important for homeowners/renters to pay attention to the lighting in their home. A good rule of thumb is for there to be three points of light available in every room…at all times. That doesn’t mean all those lights need to be on, but it’s great to have options when you’re hosting a party or just reading a book on the couch.

A Tool Kit

You’re no longer 100% reliant on your parents which means it’s time you learn how to do some things. Like, hang up a painting or unscrew something. You don’t need to be able to build a chair from hand (no one expects you to be a carpenter) but knowing how to use a hammer isn’t a bad thing. Neither is having a toolkit in your home, just in case, something falls in the middle of the night.