20 DIY Throw Pillows that Are Perfect for Your Home

Throw pillows are always a fun and creative way to spruce up a room. They can represent more of your personality or subtly make a change that matches with the seasons or your new color changes. Throw pillow are wonderful for every room in the home as well. For instance, throw pillow aren’t just for sofa’s or beds. You can put them on your porch chairs or fancy up your study by place a throw pillow on your office chair or other big comfy chair. There are also so many different styles of throw pillows that you will almost never get bored. So here are 20 Do-it-yourself throw pillows that you should make for yourself. Also, I’m sure I’m not the only one to point this out, but they make great gifts for your friends, family and even your neighbors.

The first throw pillow on our list is a more casual pillow. This will bring out your inner personality and quirkiness. This particular throw pillow you will want to make is either out of one of your favorite T-shirts or if you go to Goodwill or Forever 21 and buy a cheap shirt then you can make the throw pillow out of that. Think of this as a pillow with your favorite phrases on them like “I’m really a Mermaid” or “There better be cheese at the end of this maze” whatever t-shirt has your favorite design and/or saying on it can be used for this project. This is also great to make for the teenager or tween in your life. They will adore these! It’s also another way to repurpose something that would just be easily thrown in the waste basket. Go here to check out the tutorial

When we were children T.V. shows would often tell us how to make a stamp out of a potato. Well that’s exactly what you’re going to do to design your throw pillow. Create your own unique stamp and then have at it with the material. The patter will come out great and you really only need tools you have at home. Here is the tutorial.

Maybe you’re not handy with a needle and thread. No worries. This design only takes three minutes to do and is a lot of fun. It involves a tote bag. Go here to check out the easy tutorial.

Purhaps you merely want to spruce up and old throw pillow. Add some pom-poms in the mix and you will make your old throw look brand new. Go here for details.

If you change your mind a lot, then why not make a few different designs. Simply make the covers for the throw pillows via an envelope design. Get a cheap throw pillow on sale and switch out your different covers daily, weekly, or monthly. Go here to see how to make your throw pillow covers.



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