Hot Trends for Today's Kitchens 

3 Hot Trends for Today’s Kitchens 

Functionability and convenience: these are the two things that every trend ought to have. In relation to the hottest trends in today’s kitchens, the three main things that top every home designer’s list are the kitchen’s eco-friendliness, artistic aspects and use of the latest technology.


Is it possible for one to operate an eco-friendly kitchen? Absolutely yes! It all has to do with the adoption and use of energy-efficient appliances like dishwashers (for they use less water than when washing is being done by hand), adopting eco-friendly flooring options like the use of reclaimed wood and tiles and, adopting sustainable tabletops like ones that are formaldehyde-free.

In addition, eco-friendly kitchens are being made in such a manner that they minimize on the use of artificial lighting. Hence, they are being designed with bigger windows to let in more natural light and air. In these very kitchens, one is given the right to plant a few herbs which have been scientifically proven to help get rid of bad odor and in return give clean and fresh air.

And so, not only does embracing these changes and adopting these options keep the environment safe but, it also helps one save on their bills. The best thing about this trend is that, it’s bound to stick around for a long while, if not forever.

Artistic upgrades

For the first time ever, art is gaining prominence in kitchens. What makes this trend exceptional is that it gives everyone a chance to artistically customize their kitchens in accordance to their tastes and preferences. Artistic upgrades range from the use of different color schemes on the walls and cabinets to give the room a more vibrant look to, customizing the cabinet and refrigerator doors, installing glass backsplashes, installing satin nickel faucets, adopting dark finishes for the kitchen cabinets and installing outdoor kitchens.


Technology within the kitchen area is in many ways being influenced by the type of appliances being used. For instance, one can use a computer to change the cooking directions in an oven without necessarily being physically present. There also are a couple of refrigerators that enables one turn a fridge drawer into a freezer or wine storage by simply pressing a button. Other high-tech applications that have been adopted in the modern day kitchen include:

  1. Much smaller but more efficient appliances like refrigerators. These normally have separate drawers that can be hidden with some having the freezer section kept in a different part of the kitchen.
  2. A steam oven that can do everything that a microwave is capable of doing. What’s more is that food prepared in these types of ovens is of higher quality and tastes a lot better.
  3. HDTV refrigerators that enable one watch high-definition television from the fridge’s door. That way, one doesn’t have to miss out on their favorite shows while in the kitchen.

Most of these appliances tend to be energy efficient and performs more tasks than what the latter versions were able to do.

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