Tips for Decorating Your First Home

4 Tips for Decorating Your First Home

There is so much excitement going on when you have finally purchased your first home. I know how happy I was just to have a home to call my own, and the least of my worries were decorating. After seven years I must admit that I still have a few things in boxes, and I am still trying to decide on the perfect color for my walls. Thankfully I am not much of an entertainer, so I am not worried about making my home a showplace for the outside world. If you want to turn your home into your own personal sanctuary like I do, here are 4 tips for decorating your first home.

Less is more

Get rid of things that you no longer need, including furniture, appliances, and mementoes.  Do not fill your new home with things that will only clutter it and bring you down. Have a yard sale, donate some things to charity, sale some on EBay and move on. You no longer need to save those broken appliances and old tools that you don’t actually use.

Start with the walls

Try to paint the walls in your home before you move in your furniture. This will save you from moving big heavy furniture around when you need to reach those tight spaces. Take the time to decide on the color of paint, tile or wallpaper that will fit into your style and décor. Talk to a professional decorator if you must. Home Depot is a good place to start when looking for wall décor.

Take your time

Decorating an entire house can be overwhelming, so pace yourself. Pick one room at a time and go from there. If you have help, allow the other helpers to decorate their own room and make changes as you go. Don’t feel that you need to do it all in one day, because it will begin to feel like a chore. This should be a fun and exciting time for you to start fresh and give your home a new look.

Don’t break the bank

Don’t buy everything at once, and wait for sales if you need to. Decorating a home does not have to cost a lot anymore. You can use paint to cover old cabinets, buy fixtures to update drawers, and throws to cover ugly furniture, just until you can afford to get what you really want. You can do a lot with a mirror, pillows, and paint alone, so be creative and try to add your personal touches to your home in your own special way. It will all come together in time, and you will be glad that you waited for your favorite couch to go on sale, not to mention the matching lamps.

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