Bathroom Remodeling Trends

5 Best Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Bathrooms are a very important aspect of the home, and it has evolved drastically over the years. No more chain flushes and boring showerheads, but more dramatics and clean lines. I love a good tub, but even that is going away for some simplistic bathrooms. Sorry, but I just can’t wrap my mind around not being able to soak in a tub full of bubbles and oils until I pass out. The 5 best bathroom remodeling trends are not for everyone, but they do make going to the John much more adventurous.


People have gotten really attached to music and daily programming. With that said, the big luxury is to have a flat screen smack dab in the bathroom with you as you do your business. No more dashing and straining during a commercial break. Kohler has actually made a showerhead that has speakers so you can listen to music. It is wireless and has Bluetooth technology so you can bathe to the sounds of your favorite tunes.

Showers only

Many people are letting go of the spacious tub and only having luxury showers with multiple showerheads. Even my 6 year old was impressed when we saw our hotel bathroom and it had this humongous shower surrounded by glass with no tub. It made him excited to take a shower. The enclosed glass allows you to take full advantage of the steam, and adding a bench will give you a place to relax as the steam works its magic.

Light things up

A bit of unusual lighting will turn things around. Adding a big crystal chandelier or artistic scones that will induce character and style to your bathroom is all the rage. Any form of lighting that is not usually seen in a bathroom is the way to go.

Tile that jumps out at you

Three dimensional tile is being used to give bathrooms a new and updated look. They can come in patterns that you will want to touch just to see if it’s real. The effect that it has on the décor is very modern and soothing.

Easy access

Making things easier seems to be catching on because the bathrooms are being turned into wet rooms. There is no division of the rooms at all. The shower is in the middle of the floor with the sink, commode, and walls all together in harmony. The walls are all in tile from floor to ceiling and the drain is in the floor.  I think that these are convenient for everyone including the handicapped. It seems to open up the room and it looks bigger with fewer obstacles to deal with. Most of these rooms do not have a built in tub, but a combination of the shower/tub, if you can imagine that.

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