Home Décor Styles

5 Home Décor Styles You Should Check Out

Thinking of styling up your home? Rather than having your mismatched furniture, are you thinking of revamping the place so it looks like it belongs in a magazine? Never fear, you can do this alone. You don’t need to hire an interior decorator if you don’t want to. We’ve gathered these five home décor styles you should check out, so that you can figure out what you and your home need, and how to get that for yourself, without having to pay someone to give you these ideas!

  1. Vintage

Bringing a past decade back to life, vintage is the latest rage. People are combinging their homes into a museum, bringing back a 50’s kitchen, a 70’s bedroom, and an 80’s living room to enjoy the past during the future. Whether you want a lacy fancy Victorian sitting room or a funky fresh bedroom complete with a water bed, going vintage is the newest fad that will last for years to come, only because it’s already years old!

  1. Modern

Prefer the streamlined home? Look into the modern decorations, with overly simple furniture and neutral colors. You won’t need a lot of extra accessories in the modern/contemporary look, since your home will focus more on colors and function, rather than patterns, pictures, throw pillows, table decorations and style. This type of decoration is perfect for the person always on the go, or someone who wants a simple and usable home, rather than an overly pretty one that requires more maintenance.

  1. American Country

Think of yourself as a country gal? Are you a cowboy in love with riding into the sunset? Make your home reflect yourself, and bring the country back. American country décor has become a new favorite, and cowhide is back in the home again. It doesn’t need a lot of extra things, but your furniture may need a bit of a revamp to get the right color palette. Many focus on earthly colors, such as a sunny yellow, sky blue, browns and greens of the fields, and cloud white.

  1. Coastal

Want the ocean in your home? Grab an anchor or two and get cracking. This sailor’s paradise has come back in popularity, and it’s easier than ever to get the stark contrast of white and navy blue into your home. It’s upbeat, positive, relaxing, and makes a seafood dinner even better. Decorations are easy to find, and if you’re already on the beach, your decorations can be authentic and fresh!

  1. Traditional

Last but not least, the traditional route. Simple, neutral colors, matching furniture, carpeted floors, warm lighting, and comfortable furniture bring tradition back into your home. If you don’t want fancy, and you don’t want to spend a lot of time decorating, then go back to basics, shampoo your carpet, and hang up pictures of you and your family. It doesn’t take much to revitalize a traditional home, usually only requiring a new paint color or a rearrangement of the furniture. A symmetrical design and blocky layouts are simple and comfortable for people of all ages, and makes cleaning up after kids a breeze!

Image credit: istockphoto.com