7 Easy Ways to Keep Kids Entertained

When you’re planning a party, you’ve got plenty on your mind to begin with. In between sending invitations, organizing decorations, and planning your menu, it’s easy to neglect your child’s entertainment. After all, this party should be fun for everyone, not just for those of us over the age of 18. While you’re scrambling to get everything done, here are a few things that can keep your children busy and entertained. They might even make your party planning easier with their help.

Mix it Up

You have a ton of cooking to do to feed you hordes of guests. Why do it all yourself? Getting your children in the kitchen is a great way to keep them occupied, teach them math and chemistry, and even take some responsibility off your plate. Get your little one and an apron and put them to work! Say you’re having a luncheon. Ask your child to pull out a butter knife and their favorite jams and jellies. Then they can be in charge of cutting the crusts of bread and spreading all the delicious jellies. Now your guests have finger food and you have a child who can enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

Chocolate Delight

If your child is old enough to work the oven, grab a box of brownies or cupcakes and begin a lesson in gastronomy. Simply making a plan of brownies involves working the oven, mixing the correct portions and setting a proper amount of time to cook. These are all valuable skills for your child to learn and once they’ve tried it, they won’t need as much guidance from you in the future. Let them get creative with decorating the pan afterward with frostings and sprinkles. Best of all, you get to eat all that hard work together. Now that is family bonding!

Shake it Out

While your guests are in one room mingling, why not let your child have a party of their own? All your friends can go ahead and bring their children over. Then the children can be separated (supervised by a teenager or older brother or sister) in another room where there will be plenty of music and snacks for them to enjoy.

Perfect Playlist

They can dance and play to a playlist your child has picked out of themselves to enjoy. Just about every child has access to their own computer and music library. Make them in charge of their music while you find a playlist for your own party.

Deck the Halls

You can let your child pick out or make their own decorations. A quick trip to the dollar store gives them plenty of options for a low price. Or you can send them out into the backyard where they can find organic decorations ready to be embellished with glitter glue and stickers.

Snack Attack!

Now that they know their way around the kitchen, they can make their own snacks and arrange their own buffet table.

Hostess with The Mostess

Best of all, you will be teaching them the responsibilities of being a good host. Before their party begins, they will be tasked with making sure their guests have a good time. That means playing nice and no crying. It’s a big job, but now your child gets a chance to learn it!