Awesome Ways To Turn Your Guestroom Into an Oasis

You have a guest coming to town! There is so much to feel happy about as you anxiously await their arrival. Having company adds an extra touch of love and fun to your home, and the excitement is easily built up. As the anticipation swirls around, your mind wanders to what activities you will do, and places you will want to show them. On top of that, as a host, you want everything to be comfortable and welcoming. You want to make sure they feel at home. As a house guest, it’s more than likely that a clean set of sheets and some pillows are plenty. Their focus is probably centered on seeing you and playing out the plans you have in the making. So as a host, this gives you a chance to really blow them out of the water. By creating their own retreat in the comfort of your home, will really add to their experience. Plus, it helps those days pass by until their visit begins. Creating this atmosphere is really pretty simple, and taking the time to spoil your guest before they arrive feels really, really good.

Set up a Vase or Mason Jar of Fresh Flowers

Flowers bring a sense of freshness to any room. They also work as a nice focal point and add a pleasant scent. It’s a simple thought that carries a positive impact.

Supply House Slippers

A comfy pair of house slippers creates a nice transition from the start of their day into whatever plans lay ahead. Even if the plan is to simply relax and catch up, they will feel right at home in their given slippers. If the day is filled with adventure, there’s no better way to unwind after a long day than slipping your shoes off and switching them for something more comfortable.

Start Their Day by Having a Coffee or Tea Table

This can be as simple as an electric kettle and a French press. Set up a variety of teas and some freshly ground coffee from your favorite local coffee shop. Having coffee with your guests is a delight. But giving them the option to start their morning gently by taking their time to get out of bed, is even sweeter. This gives them the option to slowly and comfortably wake up as their fresh tea or coffee is being made. When they’re ready to meet the day, they can slide on their cozy slippers and bring their fresh cup of coffee to join you.

Provide Anytime Treats with a Snack Basket

Before their arrival, gather a few of their favorite snacks. Set them up in a little basket in their room. It will be fun for them to see once they unload their bags and also come in handy for when the urge for a late night snack kicks in. Not to mention, they have the option of grabbing some on-to-go snacks as you head on your adventures.

Start Fresh with a Fruit Bowl

Along with the snack basket, add a variety of fruits inside a nice bowl. It can be as simple as a few apples and bananas. Or of course, you can add some exotics in there as well. The colors themselves will add a fresh pop of color, while also providing a healthy snack.

Unwind with a Reading Nook

Set up a small shelf or nightstand with a few good books. You can get creative and have some local reading pamphlets on hand so they can see what sightseeing ideas sparks their interest. Or keep it simple with some good reads you think they’ll enjoy.

Make it Accessible with a Wifi Sign

We all have our own ways to unwind. Easily make a little sign with the wifi username and password and hang it somewhere in their room. This is a nice addition to any guest room and lets them know it’s more than ok to hang out and enjoy their room in between all the catching up.

Let Them Be Ultra Cozy

Pile on those fluffy pillows and add some nice throw blankets. Once they walk into their room, they will feel happy and comfortable in your home. I mean, who wouldn’t feel relaxed once they lay their eyes on a big comfy bed?

Provide Mini Toiletries

Traveling is very exciting, but also carries its moments of feeling forgetful. Provide them with a selection of everyday necessities. That way, if they feel the need to rush to the store to pick up any forgotten item, you already have them covered. Which leaves more time for enjoyment.

Reusable Water Bottle

Hydration is the key to keep yourself able to stay on-to-go. By providing a reusable water bottle, it gives your house guest the availability to always have water on hand.

After all, is said and done, having company in town is a joy. It’s a time to feel thankful and happy that someone came to spend quality time with you. By going the extra mile and setting their room up into their own oasis, will definitely make them feel good and appreciated. Who knows, maybe they’ll start planning their next trip before they even leave.



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