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4 Food Storage Hacks That Will Keep You Sane

If you’re used to being in a kitchen a lot. Chances are you probably wish there were a few kitchen hacks to help you stay organized when it comes to the kitchen area. We know dealing with keeping your kitchen at least part of the way organized can be difficult at times. There are so many food items to deal with. Where do you start? Not only that, but being disorganized often leads to wasting money and food.

We bring you four kitchen hacks to help you out.

1) Slow Down Tomatoes From Rotting

If you store tomatoes with the stem end down, it keeps them from spoiling for a longer amount of time. The way it works is that the air is prevented from entering meaning that the moisture inside the tomato is kept from leaving the scar where the vine used to be.

Another way to make sure tomatoes stay fresh for as long as possible is to store them at room temperature rather than in the fridge. As a matter of fact, tomatoes taste much better at room temperature and keeps them fresher for longer.

2) Keep Brown Sugar From Hardening

Brown sugar tends to harden if it’s exposed to air for too long. In order to keep it from hardening when you’re not using it, toss a slice of apple or an orange peel into the sugar inside of an airtight container. The moisture will help to keep the brown sugar from hardening. If your brown sugar is hard when you open it up, just stick it in the microwave with a glass of water for a couple of seconds. The moisture from the water will help to break down the hardened blocks of the brown sugar.

3) Use Shower Caps to Cover Food

Okay, yes, this one is a little silly but it’s perfect for covering food. If you’re not in the mood to keep dealing with plastic wrap, shower caps do an excellent job for it. Use the shower caps to cover the food while it’s still in its dish. The best part is that shower caps are reusable, too – so it’s totally sustainable.

4) Use Ice Cubes to Skim Fat

Wrap a couple of ice cubes in a cheese cloth or paper towel. Run it through the sauce, stock, or stew you’re going to be using for cooking. The coldness of the ice cubes helps to solidify the fat, making it much easier to scoop the fat out with a spoon. You can use a piece of toast as well if you want.

These are four simple, but awesome kitchen hacks to help make things a little easier. There are countless kitchen hacks to help keep your kitchen organized and food fresh. We hope you enjoy using these kitchen hacks in the future!

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