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Best Types of Fruits to Grow in Your Garden

Nothing beats the taste and quality of fruits that are hand-picked right in your very own yard. You can be sure that these are free from chemicals since you grow these fruits organically and without the use of pesticides. What’s more, you will love the fact that having fruit trees in your yard can save you so much money since prices of fruits in stores are quite steep. There are also instances when store-bought produce may not taste amazing, so you will only end up being disappointed after paying a lot of money only to discover they come with substandard quality. So, be sure to know the best types of fruits to grow in your garden such as the ones featured below.


Tasty and nutritious, figs are must-haves in every garden. You will like the fact that you can grow these trees in your yard even without having a vast space. What’s more, figs come with fascinating leaves that exude a tropical appeal, and the chunky trunk is sturdy, as well. Fig trees would also make a stunning addition to your garden, which add to the overall appearance and ambience of your outdoor space. Taking care of your fig tree should be easy, and you can expect various selections of fig trees to bear fruit in either June or July while others may start producing fruit by August until October. Fig trees are hardy species in Tropical, Coastal and Lower South.

Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries

These shrubs are not only great for adorning your yard, but you will love the experience of picking sun-ripened berries for your breakfast or snacks. You can even plant these as you would do so as a hedge and simply put some spacing of about 2 to 3 feet. If you have one row of these shrubs at about 30 feet long, that should suffice in producing enough amounts of berries for the whole family. There are two species of raspberries that you may want to grow since these are self-supporting and thornless. The Navaho and Arapaho are upright selections, and they can grow in the Middle and Upper South, as well as other types of raspberries. Just be sure to plant them in a fertile and well-drained soil and the location should provide the plant with ample amount of sunlight. As for blueberries, you will love how these shrubs produce those adorable white flowers during the early months of spring, ad the leaves turn scarlet to orange in autumn. By the start of Jun, berries will begin to ripen and become ready for consumption.


Lastly, be sure to consider planting some apple trees in your yard since these can grow very well in well-drained and healthy soil and thrive even during the summer. There are three different sizes of apple trees you can choose from such as the dwarf at less than 6 feet, semi dwarf that grows up to 20 feet and standard at a height of 25 feet upon maturity. Dwarf trees are great choices because these bear fruit easily and maintenance should not be a challenge as these do not grow too high. Grimes Golden and Golden Delicious are also outstanding choices if you prefer self-polinating apple tree selections.