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6 Tips For Using And Making A Garden Globe

A garden globe or sphere is a great addition to your outdoor space. It serves as a fantastic decorative item that will surely make a huge difference in your garden. So, if you are looking to improve the appearance and ambience in your garden, then you may want to consider making a nice homemade globe just like the one presented in this post. Below are tips on how to use and make one for your home.

1. A garden globe can be made out of a bowling ball or any solid and round item that is sturdy enough for outdoor display. As for the design, you can have your own style depending on what you think suits your outdoor space best. You may have the color coordinated with the rest of the furniture you have in the garden, or you may want to make the garden globe come with a style that is completely unlike the other features in your yard. It all depends on your preference since you can customize the design according to what you want.

2. There are several materials you will need to get started with this project. For instance, you may need to prepare some colored glass or tiles as decorative pieces, then the base where you put these items would be the bowling ball. Other materials to prepare include a grout, grout sealer, wood putty and tile glue. You may also skip the grout since using super glue may work, although grout and grout sealer are more durable.

3. Bowling balls, preferably used ones, are ideal for this type of project. You can easily find inexpensive ones at yard sales or even at bowling alleys that sell this item at discounted rates. Then, you should cover the holes using the wood putty. Be sure to allow the wood putty to dry overnight or 24 hours to make sure the finger holes in the ball are completely sealed.

4. When it comes to gluing the tiles, you will first need to make the ball rougher by using sandpaper. Just sand the entire ball carefully, and make it a point to wipe the surface thoroughly until it is free from debris or dirt. Next comes the fun part – designing the ball! Just cover one area with the tile glue and arrange the glass pieces on that ball to give it some pizzazz. You may also leave some gaps between every piece of the glass or form a pattern that you like.

5. Let the glue dry completely and fill any gaps with grout. Just leave the ball in a secure place to let the grout dry. Afterwards, you can use the grout sealer to finish it all off, but let the ball dry before putting it out in the garden for display. When ready, buff the pieces of glass in the ball to give them that shimmery look.

6. Place the garden globe on stands, which may be made of wrought iron. You may also just leave the ball sitting on the ground, and you will love the amazing effect as sunlight hits the glass pieces, which will create a burst of colors to brighten up your garden!

Try this fantastic project now and transform your garden in a chic and eye-catchy place.