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4 Home Improvement Apps You Should Get (Now)

With HGTV taking over the living rooms of millions of homes all over the world, the art of flipping houses in supreme DIY fashion has turned into a real estate goldmine for many. However, this is not without the help of design shows and apps conveniently located on televisions and phones. If you’re interested in jumping on the home improvement bandwagon, be sure to download the following home apps – and you will find it to be a helping hand to guide you every step of the way. They’re the best in the biz and will have you confidently underway with your next project in no time!


A derivative of popular favorite “Wikipedia”, which relays solid information in an easily readable and convenient way, WikiHow provides DIYers everywhere with step-by-step tutorials (with pictures and videos) to everything from quick repairs to complicated projects in technology, construction, home improvement and more. WikiHow has settings that enable you to use the app offline as well, if you must.


Feeling a little nervous to take on a home improvement task single-handedly? Want someone to walk through the process with you? You’ll find very quickly that you’re not alone, and SnapGuide creators brilliantly recognized and addressed that issue in their DIY design app. Whether you’re learning how to tackle your garage project or create some floating shelves for your living room space, you’ll notice that you’re not alone when you see hundreds of user comments and “likes”. Users can actually create their own guides and have them rated by others based on popularity. There’s a sense of community with SnapGuide that other apps lack. Simply stated, it’s great to learn from someone else’s experience before you start poking holes in your walls.


If you’re one of those people who has 15 different paint colors on your wall before you can begin to narrow down a color choice, TapPainter might just be for you. For just $2.99, you can paint your exact walls via an in-app photo analyzer that takes everything into consideration from lighting, to furniture, to layout. With just a few taps on your screen, you can see what your room would realistically look like in thousands of different shades within several leading brands. Screenshot your colored walls and swipe between images to see which you like best. It’s almost guaranteed you’ll save yourself a ton of money when it comes to buying samples.


Houzz is easily one of the most popular home improvement apps, essentially the hub of DIY home improvement. It’s similar to Pinterest in that it’s jam-packed with articles, conversations, pictures and videos that provide interior designers and DIY addicts with millions of inspirational ideas that link to local professionals who can help make it happen. It’s an app that nearly anyone – professional or not – can get lost in for hours.

Don’t even think about starting a project without having at least one of these apps handy for consulting purposes; WikiHow, SnapGuide, TapPainter and Houzz will make your DIY life so much easier.

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What home improvement apps have you downloaded?