Home Safety Tips for the Modern Home

Everyone wants their family to be safe. Plan and simple. You don’t go to work every day thinking “gee I hope I get robbed today or I hope my house burns down.” It’s just one of those things that’s a natural basic instinct to us. Protecting our home and ourselves is a top survival priority and in this day and age, there can be several new challenges. Crime has risen in various cities over the last couple of years, but also small accidents like leaving a candle out have also caused a rise in home safety issues. So what can you do to protect yourself, your loved ones and your home from an early demise? Well, there are actually quite a few simple things you can do so check out this list to see some of the most basic.

If you’re gone from your home for long periods of time it’s best to keep a stereo or T.V. on. This will scare potential burglars away. You could also get light timers for your lights switches. This will help lights go on at certain times, but make sure to get one you can connect to your phone. You don’t want the lights to be predictable. A pattern is another thing that burglars look for to invade your home and snatch away your valuables.

Motion detectors. It’s a good idea to set up motion detectors around your home. You don’t have to get a fancy security system if you don’t want to, but setting up a couple motion detectors in areas that burglars could lurk in is a sure way to make you feel safer. The motion detectors will scare them off and if they don’t you will still have time to call the police.

Do NOT hide your keys under a mat or other easy target to spot. Many people for decades have been leaving keys in potted plants, under mats and even in fake rocks by the door. Yeah, we know that’s a fake rock Debbie…anyway the point is that you need to hide them in a place no one would suspect or don’t hide them at all. Give them to a neighbor that you trust. They will put them in a cabinet in their home for safe keeping. When you need the keys to go next door for them, but it’s best to not hide your keys. Thieves can find them easily. It’s a little trickier for a thieve to ask your neighbor for your keys. Just throwing that out there.

This may seem obvious, but always keep your garage door closed. Even if you’re home. Burglars can easily gain access via the garage and leaving a door open is inviting them in. It’s not only inviting murders, thieves and other bad apples into your home you’re inviting wildlife. If you live in a place like Florida that can mean a deadly water moccasin in your garage. If you live anywhere else, it could mean a rat or something more menacing like a raccoon. Heck, people have even been known to come home to a bear in their garage. Just don’t do it. It’s not safe. Leave the garage door closed.

Always make sure a person is in the same room like a candle that’s lit. This causes more house fires than you can even imagine. Also, make sure that matches are always in a safe area. You don’t want children or someone to accidentally start a fire with them.

On that same note if you smoke never throw out your cigarette in a trash can or other area of your home. I remember one time we were checking into a hotel and didn’t end up checking in because half the hotel was burnt down due to someone throwing away their cigarette. It also hit a fake plant that decorated the room. So there you go. Keep your cigs away from objects that could be VERY flammable.

Store firewood away from your home. Winter is coming up and we are about to get into the fireplace season. Ironically lots of wood can catch fire randomly! Especially if it has a chemical on it or was treated. So be sure you’re storing your firewood far away from your home. A small shed is suggested for its storage.

If you’re going to be out of town for a long period of time have a friend or neighbor get your mail. A lot of people have their mail canceled for the amount of time that they’re gone, but this is a HUGE mistake. People at the post office could find out if you’re at home or not and one might be unscrupulous or know unscrupulous people. This happens all the time and people come home to a burglarized home. So make sure you have your neighbor pick up your mail. Canceling is never a good idea.

These are just a few ways to make your modern home a little safer and ultimately a lot happier.