Host Your Best Friendsgiving Ever With These Tips

Thanksgiving is known to be the time of year where friends and family come together. A day to gather around the table, sharing stories, appetizing food, and not feeling bad for having seconds. Overall, it’s a time to focus on giving thanks.

For those of us who live in a different state and may not be able to travel home for the holidays, we might feel a slight gap in excitement. Or it’s possible you live on the same street as your family, but gatherings are more relatable to an episode of Jerry Springer, so you’d rather not attend. Either way, there’s no need to sit this holiday out alone.

For these situations; we have the lovely, welcoming, always there for you, Friendsgiving. Just to emphasize on the “always there for you”, you can celebrate this on Thanksgiving day, before, or after. You can even celebrate it in addition to a traditional Thanksgiving if that’s how it pans out for you. It’s quite adaptable.

Seriously though, Friendsgiving is awesome. There is a communal vibe to it, which creates a laid-back atmosphere. This celebration is more relatable to an episode of, FRIENDS. Ahhh, sounds nice, right? That’s because it is. Along with a more relaxed night, comes less pressure.

There’s just something about it that makes your shoulders fall into a comfortable position and the stress rolls away. Friendsgiving is a time to go rogue. Yearly traditions are fantastic– no doubt, but this is a chance to shake things up a bit. You know, create some fun ideas of your own and see what you’re made of.

So while you’re shaking up your creative box, have some fun with it. Add unique twists and special character. Who knows, it might even be the start of new traditions.

Since many Thanksgiving traditions are formed around food, let’s start there.

Pitch In, Potluck Style

Rather than taking the entire dinner and hosting job on your own, send out a sign-up list. This way everyone can pitch in and bring a little bit of their own traditional dishes, or come up with something of their own. Remember, no one is solo on Friendsgiving, so this is a great perk to that communal vibe.

Bar Cart

Design a signature drink for the evening, or set it up a few bottles of wine. Either way, a bar cart creates a great focal point, and will really get those mingling vibes going. Cheers!

Say Cheese! DIY Photobooth

This can be as simple as adding a few fun props and using your camera phone. Or if you have a Polaroid, this can provide a lot of fun. Not to mention, it’s a great way to capture those memories you’re creating together. Plus, after a visit to the bar cart, people are normally ready to put a cut out of a mustached turkey on their face.

Snack Station

Let’s be honest, do you ever really want dinner ready upon arrival? It’s fun to hang out, catch up and warm up our appetites before everyone sits down and gathers around the table. Create a snack station for light snacks, not only does this allow more time to mingle, but leaves more space for the dinner table as well.

Speaking of the dinner table…

Be Bold, Be Bright

Is anyone else tired of seeing that foldable paper turkey? Don’t forget, you’re able to release those ideas from that creative mind-box of yours, so let them free! Your table placements can still have an autumn theme, but you have the free range to have a little fun with it.

Mix and Match

Plating options can be simple, with some funky colorful cups. Or you can mix patterns and colors between them all.

Serving With Style

There are some pretty cool utensils out there. Imagine your friends serving their food with utensils designed as branches. Total wow factor and it adds a lot of character.

Dessert Table

Hello, dessert time! Who doesn’t love pie on Thanksgiving? (Actually, there are quite a few out there.) To create variety, have a selection of mini pies, a couple of large ones, or a combination of them all. Add some other non-pie favorites to provide a dessert table fit for all!

Game Time

What’s a better way to spend time with friends than tossing games in the mix. And while not everyone is into the watching the football game, there are some other options out there.

Cards Against Humanity

If you want to get the laughter rolling this one is a winner. It’s also the perfect way to make people blush.

Thanksgiving Bingo

Not your average game of bingo! Another excellent way to bring in laughter. And of course, you can think of a creative prize for the lucky winner.

Thankful Board

When the evening has come to its final rounds and guests start prepping their goodbyes, don’t let them leave without signing a thankful board. Whether it’s sharing their thanks for a memory of the night, or something from the year prior, let it be noticed.

Friendsgiving is a special time for friends to come together. To share food, laughter, appreciation, and create memories that are special. Most of all, it’s a time to give thanks.