Housewarming Gifts That Are Sure To Be Loved

There is something exciting about getting an invitation to a housewarming party. It often feels like one of those no pressure occasions that is laid back and enjoyable. And obviously, it’s very fun to check out your friend’s new living space. It’s a place where new memories will be made and gatherings will be held, and the housewarming party is only the beginning. Although a gift is not required, it’s hard to show up empty-handed. Plus, buying fun house items can be very enjoyable.


One thing you can hardly ever go wrong with is a plant. If you know your friend has allergies to certain plants, you can play it safe and go for some succulents. Another great option for a plant gift is an herb garden. Many stores have these readily available, or you can create one yourself.

Cozy Blanket

Who doesn’t love a good blanket? It’s often something people want, just don’t know it yet. And if they do know, they’ll often overlook it. But once you have a perfectly cozy blanket in your possession it will always be a keeper.

Welcome Mat

There are many varieties of mats to choose from. And this is also something that can tend to get overlooked, but really adds some fun character to the front door. After all, that is the first area you see before entering a home. Gift them with something fun that will bring a smile to their face even before they turn to the key to their new home.

Cheese Board

Not quite like the game of chess, but yes, a cheese board. More than likely, your hosts will want to create more gatherings in the future. So by gifting a beautiful serving plate, it can provide convenience and inspiration for any type of snack board. Plus, there’s something about a good cheese board that’s hard to pass up.

Himalayan Salt Block

These beautiful salty blocks have a beautiful presentation on their own, but they also carry many benefits. It can be use for baking, cooking and grilling- so works great as a multifunctional gift. It also adds minerals to food, while also stabilizing the body’s PH levels. It also has a naturally antimicrobial surface, so the fear of germs is a non issue. Another fun fact, it can also be used as a serving platter.

Create Your Own Bouquet

Freshly trimmed flowers brightens up and brings joy to any room. Head to your local floral shop and create a special bouquet just for your friends and their new home. Wrap it up with some pretty paper, or pair it with a nice vase.

Herb Infused Olive Oil

What a great gift for anyone to receive. You can find a variety of options at different olive oil shops. If you’ve never been into one, there is a diversity in olive oil you never knew existed. And it’s pretty inspiring. Or, you can create your own. If you go this route, simply buy a cute glass dispenser, some high quality olive oils and some herbs. You simply infuse it by combing the herbs and oil together for several weeks. So you might want to plan ahead of time. Another option is using high quality essential oils to infuse the olive oil. It is crucial to make sure they are edible. Young Living and DoTerra are both known to provide safe, therapeutic grade oils that are safe for ingestion. Pair this with a fresh loaf of bread for an awesome duo-gift.

Unique Key Holder

How many times do mornings start out with a search for your keys. Gift your friend with a really cool key holder, so once they arrive and home, they can simply place their keys in a place they’ll be excited to see– and remember.

A Gift Card

Moving takes a lot of work, and sometimes the last thing someone wants to do is think about going to the grocery store. Give them a night off so they can sit back and enjoy their home. Pick one of their favorite restaurants so they can enjoy take out, or go out for an evening. Or another idea if gifting them a week of one of the home delivery meal kits. Everything is normally already measured out and there is a variety of meals already put together and can be cooked in under 20 minutes.

Custom Photo

Pictures are always fun to look at, and there’s always plenty of variety. Choose a favorite photo of you and your friend. Or their pet, or simply them. You can have it be sweet or funny. The beauty of it is that you can frame a memory that you think is special to them.

Have fun picking out the perfect gift for your friend and their new home. And remember, you don’t have to go wild with it. But simply add something they’re sure to enjoy and remember.