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10 Non-Traditional Kitchen Gadgets You NEED

Every home cook can appreciate a good tool that makes life easier in the kitchen. These non-traditional kitchen gadgets and appliances will not only save you time and energy but they will also have you cooking like a professional in no time! Here are 10 gadgets you will want to make sure you have on your wish list!

  • Vegetable Spiralizer : Want to cut back on carbs? The vegetable spiralizer makes preparing a healthy veggie ‘pasta’ noodle a breeze! It works on any firm fruit or vegetable and is definitely a must-have for those on a gluten or grain free diet! Better yet? It’s totally inexpensive at $30 on Amazon.
  • Kitchen Aid Mixer Attachments : Though the Kitchen Aid mixer is certainly a traditional appliance in most households, the real treasure is found in the various attachments available. From pasta rollers and sausage stuffers to juicers and ice cream makers, the Kitchen Aid attachments can assist on almost any dish.
  • Stick Immersion Blender : With whisk and blade attachments, a good immersion blender is a miracle worker when it comes to things like crushing ice in a smoothie or pureeing veggies in a soup. The best part is the immersion blender is much easier and faster to clean than ordinary blenders! Take a look at this Cuisinart option.
  • Electric Wine Bottle Opener : An electric wine bottle opener makes entertaining effortless! With just a touch of a button you can open even the most stubborn of bottles. Say goodbye to broken corks with this handy gadget.
  • Coffee Grinder : Not only does a coffee grinder allow you to enjoy the bold taste of fresh ground coffee, it also doubles as a spice grinder! You can customize your spice mixes and control consistency and texture of all your favorite spices.
  • Non-Stick Rice Cooker :  What home cook hasn’t been frustrated at some point with over cooked and super-sticky rice? A quality non-stick rice cooker makes preparing your favorite grain a no brainer and the non-stick element makes cleanup fast and easy.
  • Protective Cookbook Holder : Tired of your favorite cookbooks getting filthy from food splatters and sticky fingers? A protective cookbook holder not only makes following your favorite recipes much easier (especially for those with limited counter space) but also protects your pages from typical cooking messes. We personally love this one via Amazon.
  • Palm Peeler : Peeling potatoes may become your favorite task with this awesome palm peeler! This little gadget slides right onto your finger and tucks into the palm of your hand for effortless peeling! Also, they’re SO inexpensive (at $10 or less) that it would almost be a shame if you didn’t get one.
  • Silicone Baking Mats : These multi-functional mats can be used as a work surface for preparing your favorite baked goods and then transferred directly into the oven! These mats replace the need for parchment paper and greasy sprays as well as are able to prevent burning of cookies and pastries.
  • Electric Water Kettle : With adjustable temperature settings, these convenient electric kettles are a tea lover’s best friend! Faster than most ordinary stove top kettles, electric kettles not only cut down on wait time but also on energy used! They are especially useful in apartments or dorms where stovetops are not allowed.

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What kitchen gadgets can’t you live without?