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4 Most Popular Non-Stick Pans

There has been a lot of hype in recent years about the safety of nonstick pans. Yet, sales figures for this particular type of cookware are through the roof year after year. Cooks, especially women, do not want to give up the ease of non-stick cookware just yet. Thankfully, current studies are showing that non-stick cookware is perfectly safe as long as it is used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Basically, use non-stick cookware for dished prepared on low or medium heat, only use recommended utensils, and care for the pans correctly. With all that being said, what are the most popular non-stick pans on the market today? Here are a few to choose from that perform well.

  • Anolon Advanced Bronze Collection: With great customer reviews and a reasonable price, the Anolon Advanced Bronze Collection is a great way to have quality non-stick cookware at a decent price. At about $300 for a complete set, this product uses Dupont non-stick technology and is non-stick both inside and out for easy cleaning and long lasting qualities. The bronze collection is a nice brownish champagne color that will blend with any kitchen décor.
  • Rachel Ray Porcelain Enamel Non-stick: With the best aluminum construction available and an attractive and durable enamel exterior, these pans are a great value. They use a safe non-stick coating for easy food release and cleaning. The Rachel Ray Porcelain Enamel Non-stick is available in several rustic colors making it easy to match your personal preferences. With a price of about $130 for a 12 piece set and great customer reviews, this cookware is both reliable and budget friendly.
  • Sur La Table Hard Anodized Non-stick: Another good choice, Sur La Table Hard Anodized Non-stick has great online reviews and a price range of about $50 for a set of two frying pans and around $320 for a complete set. While a little bit of an investment, these pans have hard-anodized aluminum that holds up even better than stainless steel allowing for great food release and easy cleanup. Even heating, stainless steel handles, and tempered glass lids round out the great features of Sur La Table Hard Anodized Non-stick cookware.
  • T-fal Signature Non-stick: A true value for the budget conscious consumer, the T-fal Signature Non-stick cookware comes in with the best price at about $70 for a12 piece set and enjoys a host of five star online reviews. This cookware has heavy gauge aluminum construction and has a non-stick exterior for easy cleaning. In addition, the T-fal Signature Non-stick cookware has stay-cool handles and is dishwasher safe. As it also has a limited lifetime warranty, this is a great bet for someone wanting to try out non-stick cookware for the first time or for anyone on a tight budget.

Using this list of a few of the most popular non-stick pans you should be able to make a good, informed choice of the best cookware for you and your family. Make sure you read all the instructions that come with your new cookware and get to cooking great meals for your family in no time!