Put the OM in Your Home. Create a Meditation Room With This Simple Outline

Have you ever considered creating a meditation room?

Meditation helps reduce stress, controls anxiety and increases your sense of wellbeing. It helps reconnect you to, well, you. Taking time to meditate can help your focus, spark your creativity and enhance your ability to make decisions. Not to mention it can help your cardiovascular health and reduce your risk of heart disease. It’s a healthy coping method that can bring a sense of calmness when you might be seeing red, or are caught up in a bundle of stress. It’s no wonder more and more people are picking up the practice of meditation. In a world full of distractions, we may find it hard to sit in our own thoughts. We have become accustomed to always having an outlet of some sort to drown certain feelings. Stress is a key factor. So taking time to sit and unwind can be difficult in moments, but becomes easier over time. Especially if it’s practiced on a daily basis.

So why not create an outlet that allows you to find time to sit in a meditative state, and in the comfort of your own home?

Imagine a room completely dedicated to welcoming calmness. If you are unable to use an entire room, simply dedicate a space in your home you are able to use. This will be an area that helps you focus on finding stillness in a world that is always moving. Think of this area as an office for your mind and wellbeing. Creating balance and a clear headspace can be accomplished at a more accessible rate when given a space of its own. While there are no rules to creating this sacred space, it will certainly help to piece it together in a mindful way.

Picture a room or area where you can sit peacefully. What does that look like to you? Keep your thoughts and ideas in mind. Now, let’s take a look at some simple steps to finding your way to solitude.


Select a room or area in your home that allows a fair amount of natural lighting. By exposing yourself to natural light, you are increasing your exposure to Vitamin D. Which is a natural vitamin that helps increase brain function and the overall well being of your body. Sufficient amounts of natural sunlight and vitamin D have shown to be a natural mood booster and help ease depression. So let that sunshine in!

Clutter Free Zone

While you are planning out this area, it’s best to keep the “less is more” idea in mind. The main idea is to steer away from distraction, not create it. So it’s ideal to keep any furniture to a minimum while letting it stay as tidy as possible. It’s difficult to clear your mind in a room full of clutter. So if anything, allow this room to be clean, fresh and inviting.

Tapestry and Curtains

Even though it is suggested to keep furniture to a bare minimum, it doesn’t mean the room has to be completely empty. Curtains add some wiggle room to play with the lighting, while also bringing your own character to the room. Tapestries act the same way in terms or character. They are also a simple way to add hints of color without being overwhelming or taking up space.

Create A Peaceful Aroma-

Since ancient times, it has been recorded that aromatherapy can aid in brain function, health, wellbeing, and meditation. Essential oils are a great option and can be placed in a diffuser and gently dispersed throughout the room. Several scents that are linked to encouraging calm and increasing meditations are Lavender and Frankincense. This is a simple, yet very effective and enjoyable addition to any meditation spot. Plus, there are some pretty adorable diffusers out there.


Certain props such as a meditation pillow, bolster, blocks, or Mexican blankets are a great addition. Meditation doesn’t always have to be done sitting up. So by adding props, it provides easier access to feeling comfortable and settling in. And they’re pretty to look at as well.

Bring Nature To Your Room

Such elements such as plants, stones, crystals, or water features are ideal in a meditation room. Spending time in nature is a proven way to relieve stress. So bringing nature into your space is a great asset. They are not only beautiful to look at but strongly contribute to the purpose of your room. Spend some time to figure it which options are best for you, or bring them all in for the ultimate treat.


Music can be mood enhancing and a stress outlet on its own. When added to any setting, it creates an ambiance of its own. You can create your own playlist of calming songs. Singing bowls are other great options. They’re another eye catcher and mind pleaser.

Now come back to the images you created when you first pictured your meditation room. Use these simple tips as your basic outline and create it. Most of all, enjoy piecing together your own personal piece of solitude.