Simple Tips To Maximize Small Living Space

The desire for smaller living space is on the rise. Every day, more and more people are catching the desire for downsizing and moving into a more intimate space. When you take a look at first glance, it is very appealing. The assumption for easier cleaning is there, the idea of spending less time inside and more time outside is strong. And there are thoughts that when you do spend time inside, your space will feel more personable. Each assumption, idea, and thought holds its own truth. Small living is exciting, but it does hold its own challenges as well. The good thing is- there are many solutions. Whether you are moving into a studio space, taking on a tiny home, or hitting the road in an RV, here are some ideas to help maximize that cozy feeling so you can enjoy that small space in a big way. After all, less is more.


Having strong organization skills is your strongest ticket to a happy life in a tiny space. Think of organizing as your biggest priority and game plan. Clutter can happen pretty easily, so it’s best to give everything its own special spot. Plus, it is pretty fun to get creative and see how you can work with the space you have. It is definitely worth investing in items that are multifunctional to preserve more open space.

Think small and think smart

For example, magnet boards are great for storing certain kitchenware. Make sure to utilize wall and ceiling space, as the counters may be limited. Compartment dividers in the cabinets are a great option to create more efficient storage options. Adding different shelving units can really help provide more space. You’re basically multiplying your already given storage space with smaller storage in and around them. Yes, give your storage more storage. It’s amazing how much this helps. One of the most exciting parts about downsizing is bringing focus on the things you really do or don’t need, and then find it its perfect place.


Any home with plants is a happy home. It’s no wonder because plants are known to bring a sense of peace and calm. By adding them to a smaller space, it adds color and freshness. There are a lot of plants that can help purify the air naturally, which is very helpful in tight quarters. Dust can tend to collect quicker and easier, so having a few air purifying plants by your side is a great solution. They can act as a living decor while cleaning the air and adding beauty to your space. Just as I mentioned earlier, thinking about things that are multifunctional, such as plants, play a big role in a small space. Another way they can add to your tiny living is in the kitchen area, by growing an herb garden. If you set up a drying rack for your dishes, whether they are elevated on a shelf or hanging- have your herb garden underneath them. That way the water from your clean pans will water your garden, and you can use your herbs for food. In a small space, you can really get an understanding of the way things work together and complement each other.


There can be times when the walls feel like they are shrinking. Depending on your square footage, that feeling might not be too far off. By adding rugs, it creates dimension and contrast, giving an illusion of more openness. Sometimes in tiny spaces, all you need is to play a few mind games on yourself. Try out a bigger rug, go for some color to liven things up and create a good focal point. Rugs can also help keep the floors warm during those winter months. This is especially helpful if you find yourself taking on that RV life.


Not only do curtains provide more privacy, but they can really add character. Since this is really more of an intimate space, treat it that way. Find something that makes you feel happy when you look at it. Choosing curtains that are longer and wider can also help create the feeling of a bigger space.


Ah, yes. Not that this is something you can find in a store, but in yourself. Switching to a small space can have its rough moments, just like anything else. But if you made the switch, embrace it. Be patient and remember why you did it in the first place. A lot of people make this move to become more efficient, to have easier access to the outdoors, to save money, or for many other unique reasons. In a moment of panic, think of it like a healthy detox. You let go of a lot of items to make this happen. But it’s a quickly learned reality that less really is more, and easier for everyday functioning as well.

With smaller living comes bigger opportunities. It’s different for everyone, but it can really help you reconnect to the things that are important to you. So allow yourself to make this space an area you enjoy being in. Let it be cozy and warm, or whatever suits you best. And always remember that just because it’s small, doesn’t mean it can’t be decorated nicely. The plus- a little bit will go a long way in smaller square footage.