Smart Appliances That You Need to Make Your Home Modern

You may have an older home or you may be trying to make your already modern home more modern. Either way, Smart appliances are the up and coming thing that your home needs to become fully modern. Every day we see people switching to smart refrigerators, smart ovens and much more, but it can be hard to know which appliances to upgrade with and what’s best for your modern home. Here are some of the best smart appliances we have found to make your home easier to manage and all around smarter.

Smart Ovens are making kitchens not only more modern but making it more seamless to make a meal in the modern world. Samsung 28 Cu. ft. 4-Door Flex™ with 21.5 in. Connected TouchScreen Family Hub™ Refrigerator – Black stainless steel is one of the tops of the line smart refrigerators. It does a little more than most smart fridges do. You are able to use your voice to making shopping lists, it has cameras so you can see the inside of the fridge ( meaning you don’t have to worry about having trouble finding the mustard or that weird jam you want), it can alert you of expired food when you enter in an expiration reminder ( no food will ever go bad again on your watch), you can order GrubHub from it, get coupons uploaded to your grocery card from it, and so much more! It even has a built-in digital calendar so you can keep track of what’s going on with your family! This includes the sharing of notes and other important reminders you need your family members to know about. You can live stream music from this fridge, which means you can listen to music while you’re cooking a great meal for your family. You can also watch T.V. on it from your Samsung T.V. or phone. You can hook up other smart appliances to the fridge like a baby monitor or smart thermometer to know the temperature of the room an monitor it. You also don’t have to use your hands for any of these options as the fridge understands voice commands. Plus it has other great non-digital features like it’s finger proof resistant and you can change the freezer into another fridge compartment if needed. The point is this fridge can literally do it all and if you don’t have a smart fridge then you’re missing out on a great piece to your modern home. This particular fridge costs $3,599 and you can get it here.

Smart Toilets are a thing you really need to have in your modern home. OVE Decors White Elongated Standard Height Bidet Function 1-piece Toilet 12-in Rough-In Size is a smart toilet you need to have. Smart toilets have been a huge trend over the last year and once you have one you know why. You can’t understand how people deal with normal toilets anymore. This baby is Temperature controlled and has multi-position water sprays, it has a temperature-controlled heated comfort seat, it has a remote control operates all functions, it’s also got a power saving mode when not in use for 24 hours, it has a self-flushing with 1.28 gallons per flush, it also has a temperature controlled air dryer, and it has a Spray and bidet nozzle wash. Basically, it’s the ultimate toilet! If your home doesn’t have this in at least your master bathroom then one has to wonder just how modern your home truly is. Get it here for $1,152.29.

Everyone loves to take a soak. I don’t care who you are you must admit that you love a good soak which is why when you go to the hotel you love the hot tub! Jacuzzi is a brand name of the tub that not only stands out to us and says luxury, but is known for its innovative spirit. Jacuzzi has made a smart tub that is spa-like in every way. This Jacuzzi hot tub can be temperature regulated from your smartphone! You can even check to see how much energy you’re using up. Which means its eco-friendly. You even get alerts to your phone about the hot tubs when your hot tub needs maintenance. Get the Jacuzzi Smart hot tub for your modern home’s next BBQ party here from their website. You will have to message them for more information and an estimate because depending on the size and area of your hot tub the pricing will differ.

Speaking of Smart tubs, Smart Bathtubs are something that isn’t only being added to homes with great speed, but something that was greatly needed. Smart bathtubs were basically brought to us because bathtub’s water gets cold easily. This tub is insulated so that your water stays nice and warm. Get the Smart tub here and again prices on this one differ.

Kohler, the leading choice in bathroom and kitchen brands since forever has created a smart sink that you can put in your home that’s voice activated. You can tell it exactly how many ounces of water you want for your cup and get all the water out without ever touching the sink itself. Which is helpful in the kitchen when your fingers are messy! It even tells you how much water you are using and displays that information in your Kohler app on your phone! So you don’t have to ever worry about an outrageous water bill again! Get it here.



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