Stained Roof

Stained Roof? Use These Cleaners

Roof stains happen thanks to algae and mold growing on especially shaded areas. Here are top choices for products to clean a stained roof.

1) Best for Long Haul: Spray and Forget ($149.95 for a 5 gallon container, cleans 10,000 sq ft)

This is by far the easiest option for stain removal: simply spray the no-rinse, eco-friendly roof and exterior cleaner. Then allow natural rainwater to wash away excess. Spray and forget allows you to clean without expensive pressure washers and harsh and toxic chemicals.

Users report satisfaction with Spray and Forget, however caution that it does take about a month for noticeable results and about 4 months for a clearly clean roof and exterior. They also report protection against new biological growth. For these reasons, Spray and Forget proves itself for the lang haul.

2) Best Fast Acting: Cleaner Today’s Roof Cleaner QSE ($86.25 for enough product to clean 3000 sq ft)

Cleaner Today’s Roof Cleaner QSE just needs a garden hose with a jet sprayer for application. Once you soak your roof shingles with the biodegradable cleaner, wait 25 minutes for a noticeably cleaner roof.

Users report being satisfied with the product. Cleaner Today also offers another cleaner, Roof Cleaner OX, designed for hesitant or first time roof cleaners. It works just as well and is more forgiving in application than the Roof Cleaner QSE. Also consider the company’s Roof Mold Armor to protect your freshly cleaned shingles against new mold and algae.

3) Best Flexible for Various Stains: Roof-Be-Clean ($36.70 for 1 Gallon)

Roof-Be-Clean took time to consider various stages of roof staining when creating their cleaners. They feature 3 blends designed for terribly stained roofs, to early signs of staining, to clean roofs in need of prevention. You can purchase one container of a single blend or a duo of various combinations.

Application requires a garden pump sprayer, with a possible extension handle, so the price of that will need to be factored if you do not already own one. The cleaner also lists a few guidelines (don’t spray the bottom 2-3 rows of shingles, don’t shake the product but stir well) so read through all guidelines prior to use.

Users are happy with results, but caution to read and follow instructions. If you’re willing to take the special care, then this can be a great product for your roof stain removal.

4) Best for Health and Environmental Conscious: Wash Safe Industries Roof Wash ($24.95 for 2 lbs, enough for 600-800 sq ft)

Steering clear of harsh toxins which maintaining cleaning power, Roof Wash is made with hydrogen peroxide. You simply apply Roof Wash onto your shingles with a pump sprayer, then rinse off or allow rain to rinse the product off. The company recommends using a roof brush for particularly stained areas, and also offers a Cedar Wash specialized for cedar shingles.

Roof Wash completely non-toxic making it a perfect product to use around children, pets, and plants. Users report complete satisfaction and continued use.

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