The Best Painted Ceiling Ideas For Your Home

Sometimes we take the roof over our heads for granted. Of course, it’s nice to live somewhere cozy and warm, but we often forget that we can add a little style to our surroundings. You don’t need a Michaelangelo to add some flair to your residence, either. Check out these five painting ceiling ideas for your home.

Under The Bigtop

Kids will love this painted ceiling, since it looks like they’re under a circus tent. Using bright colors and bold lines, their ceiling will seem like it goes up farther than it actually is. While it’s not recommended to attempt any high-flying trapeze stunts, the room is a festive atmosphere for your young ones. And with some of their favorite stuffed animals in the room they’ll have plenty of fun and exciting adventures in their personal circus. Best of all, there are no elephants for you to clean up after.



Contrasting Ceiling Beams

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Here’s an easy way to spruce up any room: paint the ceiling beams in a contrasting color. It’s a terrific way to give your room a bit of flair without having to spend too much. Paired with white walls, the painted ceiling beams are a dramatic way to add the illusion of height and depth. They’re a nice contrast to light fixtures, too, giving the room a sleek and modern feel. Your guests will be amazed by how a little paint can go a long way.



Stone Ceiling

While you don’t have to have an actual stone ceiling like found in a fine wine cellar, you can paint your dining room ceiling to resemble one. The faux stone ceiling lends a classic atmosphere to your dinners at home and it’s a terrific way to have an ever-present conversation piece. Your ceiling will provoke all kinds of responses, from wonder to awe. You can also mix modern furniture and other touches in your room to go with the timeless look of the stone above you. Your guests will agree that dinner has never been more elegant.



A Ceiling That Prince Would’ve Loved

It’s no secret that the late, great musician Prince was enamored of purple. He’d love this ceiling painted in purple, which will create a unique mood and setting in your humble abode. No matter what style of home you own, a little splash of purple can make an immediate and lasting impression. From a chic guest bedroom or a stylish modern den to a relaxing living room or distinct master bedroom, having purple above you is a one-of-a-kind flourish that’ll make any room hip and cool. Listening to Purple Rain is optional, of course.



Blue In The Kitchen

We spend so much time in the living room, so why not brighten up things there with a blue ceiling? Whether you go with a lighter sky blue or a deep ocean blue, your living room will be a comfortable and welcoming space for your family and friends. Stretch your legs and watch your favorite movie with your significant other. Or cheer on your favorite sports team with your buddies. The blue living room ceiling is the perfect complement, no matter what’s going on in your home’s main gathering place.