The Trendiest Colors of Livingroom Furniture 2018

Everyone is used to the same old boring black, white or brown for a sofa and/or couch so why not get some color into your life? A Livingroom is a place of peace, fun, and family. You want your living room to feel serene, but still, bring out the same beautiful personality of you and your family. Accent chairs have been a thing for years, but now we are starting to see that there are colors for sofas, end tables and more Livingroom furniture that’s so colorful it’s not about just an accent piece anymore. It’s about making your Livingroom a place of enjoyment and filled with bold or bright colors. These are the trendiest colors for living room furniture of 2018.

Caviar Black is one of the year’s most popular colors because it’s not just black. It has undertones of grays that make your home seem warmer than the traditional black furniture does. The other thing is that the Caviar Black color can go with so many more colors that people are finding it’s not only an eye catcher but something that matches with your other furniture automatically. It’s the perfect color if you’re thinking about redoing your Livingroom furniture or adding a new piece into the room.

Statement Turquoise is another huge color this year. You have probably seen this color in furniture pieces from not just the big name furniture stores this year like American Furniture but from places like Target where furniture isn’t there number one seller. Turquoise is not only serene and brings a relaxing tone to your room, but it also gives you a pop of bold color. It’s a true statement and many sofas this year are featured in this color with matching end tables. It’s definitely a bold statement, but a great furniture choice that I can tell will continue into 2019 and probably 2020. Turquoise is just a great color!

Goldenrod is coming back in as a number one color. Once painted as an accent wall for your home this color is popping up in furniture this year all around the nation. Goldenrod chairs, sofas and more are coming your way. Again this is a great accent piece, but people are finding that it goes well with white, black, gray or brown furniture. Since yellow is a great tone to go with those colors it just gives your home a bit of sunshine you didn’t know it needed. It’s not surprising that this is a number one color for furniture this year as it’s also a number one color for fashion. Keep this year the goldenrod year and add some goldenrod flare to your Livingroom.

Blush is another big player this year in loveseats and other Livingroom furniture. The most popular color to match this with is gray, but white would also look very elegant in your Livingroom. If you’re looking for a muter and less bold color that still gives a pop of color into your Livingroom this is a perfect choice!

Charcoal Brown is another popular color. A more neutral choice this has the best of both worlds. If you can’t decide if you’re going with more browns or grays, then this would be a wonderful color to get on your next sofa or accent chair. This will make your room feel very homey. It’s just a wonderfully warm color.

Red has been in for a while. Again this has been more of accent chairs or walls, but now it’s trending to have red sofas and end tables. Trending in 2018 homeowners are even putting in red light fixtures to give a bold pop to their rooms. If you love big and bold then you need to go all red. This would also be great to mix with goldenrod for a super warm and sunny feel.

UltraViolet is making its way back into style. Once thought a vision of the 80’s the purples are coming back in and have been since 2017! So it’s no surprise that UltraViolet is one of the top colors for Livingroom furniture in the nation. Homeowners have velvet purple sofas with matching floral purple chairs in their living area. If you want to really go all purple add different shades of the UltraViolet into your Livingroom from lamp shades to rugs and make it a true purple paradise. This color is so trendy that it’s going to be around for a long time. This is not a fad that’s going to be thrown out like a bad penny.

Bright Blue is another color that’s standing out. This is a brighter blue than Navy Blue but still on the same color pallet. This is perfect in sofas, end tables, coffee tables and more. This year it’s been a big color with faux-retro furniture and modern contemporary furniture. So if you’re trying to make your home look a little retro, but still on the modern path, this is a great color choice. The Bright Blue is exactly what you’re looking for to make your home bold and relaxing.