Top 10 Small Space Garden Plants

Not everyone has ample room for a garden.  Some live in the “concrete jungle” with little or no green space and others in a more rural setting may either have limited green space also or an existing landscape design that does not allow more room for something new.  So we have 10 great ideas for plants that require only a small space and can be done as a container garden.

The Fruit of Your Labor

Believe it or not you can grow your own fruit trees even if you have limited space.  Many come in dwarf size which is perfect for a small space.  Always make sure you are choosing the right tree for your climate.  You can call a local nursery for more information.  Here are three to try.

  1. Apples do require a little bit more care than some other fruit trees in the form of not one, but two other plants for pollination. The varieties of apples available are seemingly endless making it hard to choose, but experts suggest Honeycrisp for its sweet crunchy flesh and it can be eaten right off the tree.
  2. Mandarin oranges are very popular right now, with fun names like “Cuties” and “Halos” and marketed to kids. Only locations in the Deep South will have the right climate for these little oranges, but those who do will be rewarded with this sweet easy to peel beauty.
  3. Nectarines are like peaches, only naked (no peach fuzz). This fruit requires a lot of care in the way of fertilizing, pruning, and watering, but the end result justifies the extra attention nectarines require.

Versatile Shrubs

You may not think of container plants when you think of shrubs, but these can be cultivated in the same fashion as any other household plants, with one difference.  Containers should be made out of concrete, fiberglass, or plastic with drainage holes.

  1. Lilacs are not only beautiful, they smell heavenly. Choose a compact variety, such as the Bloomerang lilac, that, as the name implies blooms repeatedly.  Lilacs make beautiful tabletop bouquets also.
  2. Firethorn adds many types of visual interest throughout the year with flowers in spring, dark green leaves in summer, and red berries in the fall and winter. You can choose from thornless and dwarf varieties also.
  3. Hydrangeas are a very popular shrub due to the large colorful flowers in the spring and summer. They will grow in both shade and sun and some varieties come in smaller, container size bushes.

Consider Conifer

Conifers are evergreens and add a visual landing point in a winter garden.  When all else is brown and leafless, conifers are an oasis of lively green.

  1. A Norway spruce is a very popular choice for those looking for a fast-growing tree for their landscape due to the large size. Horticulturists have developed a dwarf that is perfect for container gardens and come in many different varieties such a Perry’s Gold which is green with golden tips.  Its popularity makes finding these evergreens very easy.
  2. The Norfolk Island pine is often used as a small Christmas tree because of its shape. Its size makes it a perfect indoor container plant and needs cooler temps and indirect sunlight.
  3. The Mugo pine comes in dwarf sizes that are ideal for small spaces or containers. This shrub is very hardy and does well in most climates, withstanding heat and drought.
  4. The Oriental spruce works well for those that love the Norway spruce but desire a hardier version, the Oriental spruce is a good fit. It comes in slow-growing varieties and overall it is very tolerant of wind and shade.

There are many ways to bring the outdoors in with container plants which can be used indoors or out and make a beautiful addition to any space.

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