Use These Tools To Become Your Own Personal Barista- And Create The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Let’s take a moment to give a big round of applause to a perfectly prepared latte. Thank you to the caffeinated creators and drink masters. There are many mornings that would be incomplete without your presence and your creations. Hot and steamy, with the perfect amount of froth, and maybe even with an added design on top. Or iced to perfection with a swirling flavor that’s main focus is to tantalize your taste buds. The right coffee cannot only amplify but compliment any time of day.

But, as wonderful as these magical creations are, wouldn’t it be nice to not have to squint at a menu? Imagine… no lines. No one in a rush behind you, stepping on your ankles. Even better, you’re standing there, in your pajamas, hair a mess; and it doesn’t even matter. What a daydream that would be.

Well, it’s time to wake up, buttercup. Your dreams are coming true. Rise and shine to the tune of some personal barista gear. Right in the comfort of your own home. Yep. Goooood morning, happy afternoon and a lovely evening to you. While our coffee machine can never be replaced, there are times we want something a little “extra.” A few simple adjustments to your morning routine, a twist to the afternoon, and an extra wind down ritual to add into your evening is all you need. Oh ya, and a few awesome additions. Let’s call them, Happy Caffinaters. Or, Decaffinaters; your choice. Either way, investing in some of your own tools will really pay off in the end.

But first, coffee…


A grinder is the first place your savory coffee beans come in contact with. With a caring and vigorous swirl, your whole beans become a fresh ground delicacy just waiting to be used. The quality of a truly good cup of coffee comes from the quality of the beans. Ground coffee loses its true aroma after about 15 minutes, so for a top-notch brew, you’ll want to grind as freshly and frequently as possible.


This is a scale you’ll be happy to see every morning. There are specific ratios required to make a coffee that is just right. The only way to know for sure is by using a scale. Unless you’re some magical coffee wizard, that is. And if you are high five. I want to be you. A range close to, 1:17 (coffee: water), is the ratio you want to achieve. Otherwise, you might end up with bitter coffee, or something that looks and tastes like swamp water. Never fun. So, a scale is an awesome accessory to have.

Mini Espresso Maker

It’s hard to beat a really well-crafted cup of coffee, but sometimes we need that extra jolt. Enter- Espresso. Bold and to the point. Espresso is there for you and can be added to many drink options. While you do have the choice to go big and invest in an eye-catching and mouth-pleasing machine, a mini one does the trick. It’s also affordable and takes up less space.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Another thing that’s hard to beat is a fresh cold brew. It’s not just a new coffee trend, but more a way of life. There is less acidity in a cold brew, so acid reflux, heartburn, and other gastrointestinal issues are less common.

If cold brew is your jam, it is essential you look into a cold brew coffee maker. It’s a great addition to your brewer. They’re simple to use and affordable. Once you have one, you’ll be creating smooth and uplifting beverages in no time.


Similar to a cold brew, coffee made through an AeroPress contains less acidity. And if you’re really in a press for time, it produces coffee in about 20 seconds. Twenty. Seconds. Oh, yes, please. It doesn’t leave any grit behind, only leaving you with a quickly made and quality filled cup of coffee.

Hand Held Frother

Who doesn’t love a frother? It’s the equivalent to the cherry on top of a sundae. It creates that foamy goodness that sings you the best good song when the sun rises. It adds that cozy feeling to a cup of warm tea on a chilly night. A frother can impress just about any drink you’re wanting to make. And even better, they’re very easy to use and available for a pretty gentle penny.

Coffee Stencils

Just as a frother will make any drink even better, a stencil will create those fun designs we adore in a coffee shop. Until you master your frothing art skills, stencils are incredible and easy to use.


Frothing Pitcher

Speaking of frothing art, this is a great item to practice with. It also provides a larger carafe for your choice of frothed cream. They vary is size; so whether you’re looking to create your own cup, or host a coffee gathering, there are several options available.

So, feel free to leave your slippers on and have fun creating your own special treats. Whether the day has just begun or is coming to an end, these simple additions will add just the right amount of character to any brew of your choice.



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