Want A Neutral-Chic Home For The New Year? It’s Easy!

The elegance of a neutral color scheme complements any design. Whether it be traditional or modern, a home’s sophistication is elevated by the simplicity of neutrals. The secret to the success of the neutral is based entirely on the undertone. When a room is outfitted in varying shades of cream and beige, the subtle undertones of these non-colors create a chic, ethereal quality that emits warmth and atmosphere. Keep the following design tips in mind when striving for a neutral-chic look.


Natural Accents

The essence of neutrals is that they appeal to the natural world. A true neutral is a color that occurs in nature and feels familiar and unjarring in interior spaces. The perfect compliment to these tones is natural materials, such as wood panels, stone, marble, and earthy clay brick. Together, these materials accentuate the natural and easy feel of a neutral-chic home, one that feels both harmonious and sophisticated at the same time.


Let Nature In

You can never go wrong bringing the beauty of the outdoors into your design. A wall of windows, or even a large picture window, allows for all the wondrous elements of nature to work with a neutral-chic design. The flood of natural light illuminates a neutral color scheme while the natural scenery serves has the room’s focal point. Utilizing nature this way is both chic and cost-effective. Rooms that place their emphasis on the outdoors require less adornment for visual interest.


The New Neutrals

So, you think that working with neutrals can’t be fun? Well, then you haven’t heard about the new neutrals! Earthen shades of blue that lean to the cool side of the color spectrum have officially arrived at the fresh and fun choice for neutral-chic design. More than just accent color, these shades of blue can be used for all the walls in a room, and sometimes, even the ceiling. When building a neutral color pallet with a cool blue, one should see the theme through with varying cool shades of grey and white. These rooms are best accented with warm-toned, natural woods and woven grass rugs.


Fun Tile

An interesting tile is a fantastic way to incorporate interest while using neutral colors to decorate a room. While black and white tiles will forever add a sense of classic style to any floor, one can choose more visually complex designs to create their own unique vibe for a space. Don’t forget to utilize those underplayed staircases, they make for a brilliant opportunity to showcase a fun design.


A Natural Focus

Simplicity is key when designing with neutrals. To achieve the perfect neutral-chic effect, consider the space carefully and only draw interest to those areas that already pull focus – like a fireplace mantle or window. Utilize the rooms natural points of interest and compliment them with the perfect neutral shade that will work best with the light and shape of that space. In other words, accentuate what you already have!

The good news is that creating a chic home for the new year has never been easier. Keep it simple with neutral shades and have fun designing!