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Wooden Floors: A Trend That’s Here To Stay

If you are thinking about the best flooring for your home, then it may be best to consider the value and appeal of wooden flooring. In fact, you are better off with wooden floors instead of installing linoleum or cheap tiles since the latter are high-maintenance flooring types. Carpets are also tougher to maintain, particularly if you have pets at home because the hair can accumulate in each fiber of your carpet or rug. Dirt is also hard to get rid of on carpets, and you will need professionals to clean and maintain this type of flooring for your home. On the other hand, wooden floors are easier to clean, and you can be sure that the quality and overall features remain excellent even after a number of years.

Durable and Long Lasting

What’s amazing about wooden floors is the fact that they can last for a number of years. For some people who have carpets in their living room or other parts of the house, they end up replacing these every five years or less. Common problems that arise with carpets include holes, stains and unsightly appearance due to premature wear and tear. However, wooden flooring is never a hassle to maintain, and in simple ways, you can expect to have the floor clean and attractive just like brand new. Simply use a brush or vacuum the floors lightly regularly to achieve that clean and spotless look on the floor. You can even use a damp mop to get rid of any mud or dirt, which is impossible to do with carpets.


Carpets are not exactly hygienic flooring because of the number of parasites that can get stuck in fibers of your rug. You will also have a problem with allegens, which are typical concerns with carpets. Fleas, dust and mites may get caught in the rug or carpet, and these can trigger allergies among household members. However, wooden floors do not give you this problem since there is no place for these allergens to hide and cause health issues. If you are a pet owner, it is no doubt that wooden flooring is the best way to go. You can spare yourself from discomfort and stress in dealing with allergens in your flooring. To make it even better, there are no concerns with unpleasant or foul odors with wood floors, unlike what you have to deal with when you have carpets all over the house. It is only the mild scent of a nicely polished wood floor that will permeate in your home, thus making your indoor space look more chic and inviting.

Wooden Flooring is a True Classic

Styles and fads come and go, but wooden flooring is here to stay. Back in the 1970s, carpets and linoleums are popular choices. Now, you can say that when it comes to a timeless classic flooring option, wood is your best option. Its appeal is not fleeting, and you can be sure that it will still look superbly amazing even in decades to come. With this in mind, you can expect your wood floors to match your contemporary interior design because of its versatility and classic flair.

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